5 instant benefits:

doorwerkscherm voor in de bouw

  1. Increase your earning potential now:the Floaty pop-up screen allows you to keep working, no matter the weather. Think of how much more you will earn if you can work more days a year.
  2. Finishing the job:it saves you a lot of driving back and forth to the customer to finish the jobs and, of course, hanging around in the car.
  3. Working in the sun: the screen also provides shade when it is too hot to work in the sun.
  4. Increasing your brand awareness: by printing your logo on the screen, you can increase your brand awareness. The pop-up screen literally stands out, attracting plenty of attention.
  5. Freedom: the Floaty pop-up screen gives you the freedom of not having to constantly worry about whether it is going to rain. From now on, you are no longer at the mercy of the weather!