Pays for itself within 5 days!

John at work with the floatyThe new, innovative pop-up screen
There are countless days on which it is not possible to continue working. By purchasing the Floaty pop-up screen, such days become a thing of the past. Pays for itself within five days! By being able to continue working for just five days when it rains, you recoup the cost of the Floaty. Work out how much more you could earn if you could continue working when it rains and what time and organisation it would save if you could simply complete your jobs.

The weather in the Netherlands
On average, at least a few drops of rain (0.1 mm or more) fall on 185 days of the year (Source: Around 130 days have more than 1 mm of rainfall and, nationally, 10 mm or more of rain falls on an average of 22 days in the Netherlands. In recent decades, it has become wetter and the average number of rainy days has also risen. If more than 50 mm falls, it is considered heavy rain. Excessive rain, with sometimes tens of millimetres in a short time, occurs mainly in summer but in other seasons large amounts are also sometimes measured. A year usually has six days with 50 mm or more of rain recorded by at least one KNMI weather station, but sometimes twice as many can occur, as in 2006.